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For the last few years I’ve been swimming in the cultural stew that is the China-California world. I think this is the future of the US-China relationship and I want to be a part of that. Below are stories I’ve written on this evolving cultural smash up. Chinafornia: It’s a Lifestyle.

How China’s Electric Car Dreams Became a PR Nightmare in America – 4/01/2014

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Can Chinese Millionaire’s ‘Save’ San Francisco’s Poorest Neighborhood? – 8/21/2014

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Inside a Chinese Startup’s Smartwatch Hackathon – 4/20/2015

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Why Young Chinese People Love Ultimate Frisbee’s Hippie-Go-Lucky Culture – 6/01/2015

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Here’s What All the Chinese Students At Your School Are Reading – 9/16/2015

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Why Chinese People Buy So Many Homes in Palo Alto – 11/7/2013, The Atlantic Online

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The Chinese Press Battle for Hearts and Minds Abroad – 2/13/2014

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California Dreaming: Alibaba Helps LGBT Couples Get Married In LA – 3/19/2015

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Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei Finds Freedom on Alcatraz – 3/3/2015

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Can China’s One-Child Policy Enforcers Transform Rural Education? – 8/27/2015

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How Glasses Can Help Solve Rural China’s Ed Problems – 10/12/2015

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Chinese Rapper Shouts Out Uber, Calls Out Haters in Blistering Track – 6/9/2015

Bonus: My piece profiling said rapper and his homie Fat Shady.

Born in the USA: Why Birth Tourism is Booming in California – 5/01/2015

Hollywood, China’s Censors Win in Anti-Piracy Campaign – 12/1/2015

Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Make it Clear He’s Cool With China – 12/8/2015

This Chinese City is Becoming the Silicon Valley of Hardware – 11/6/2014

China’s Indie Rock Pioneers Blaze a Trail Across America – 4/1/2014

For Chinese Students Abroad, Personal — Not Political — Freedom Matters — 7/2/2013

Chinese Investment in US Tech Booms Despite Cybersecurity Fears – 4/3/2014

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