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This November I launched The Chinafornia Newsletter, a weekly digest of news, events and jobs connecting the Golden State and the Middle Kingdom.

You can check out past editions and sign up by clicking here. The newsletter will be covering a few key areas: Silicon Valley, investment, Hollywood, energy/environment, real estate, education, Chinatowns, and tidbits from inside the beltway. At the bottom of each edition I’ll include two bonuses: Golden Oldie and Culture Corner. The Golden Oldie will be a great Chinafornia article/video from days past, and Culture Corner will be a little slice of Chinese culture that I just dig.

California is where the rubber meets the road in the most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century, so get up to speed with this once-a-week rundown of key stories. Sign up to the above newsletter to get in the loop!

Note: The newsletter appears to be ending up in the “promotions” folder of some gmail users. If this happens to you, just drag the email to your inbox and click “Yes” to “Do this for future messages?” option.

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